The best fun-filled intergalactic trading adventure game available on the Android market.


Starting out with a second hand Space Truck and a handful of Ching you set out on your adventure with the goal of becoming wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Of becoming a true Profiteer!


You earn more Ching by trading weird and wonderful goods between all the planets in the galaxy. This isn’t always straightforward though. Some of the many things you need to be vigilant for are space pirates, asteroid storms and worm holes. Keep on top of current events in the news room or face the possibility of great losses on your journeys.

Each planet has it’s own strengths. Vlern specialises in black market produce and often allows visitors to play the Wheel of Fortune where they stand to win wonderful prizes… or lose with terrible consequences. Luxuria is a rich planet that produces all manner of luxury items. It attracts very wealthy visitors who are often willing to pay to be taken to other planets. These are just two of the many planets you can visit.

Meanwhile, there are other truckers aspiring to become the  in the galaxy. Some of them are law-abiding, some are calculating, some are ruthless and some frankly haven’t a clue as to what they’re doing! None of them are going to help you though and some might even go out of their way to sabotage your efforts.

As your wealth grows you can decide what to do with all of your Ching. You can deposit it safely in the bank to earn interest, invest in upgrades for your space truck to make it the biggest, fastest and safest in the galaxy, purchase a variety of new space trucks to build up a trading fleet or dabble with mysterious unknown upgrades that yield a variety of unusual benefits.

There are leaderboards to compare your progress against that of others and achievements and goals to strive towards.

So what it comes down to is…. do you have what it takes to be the best Profiteer?

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Profiteer Lite

A fully playable game with no ads or in-app purchases. Totally free and perfect for sampling the delights of playing Profiteer.  Allows a complete ten turn game experience.

Profiteer (£1.29 GBP / $2.19 USD)

No ads, no in-app purchases, just pure addictive playability! Extra features include being able to purchase a variety of different Space Trucks, the addition of extra weird, whacky and extremely useful truck upgrades and games that continue for as long as you want.

The intergalactic trading game