An Ode to Profiteer

You’ll see these words and wonder why
I’ve written verse.  I will not lie.
My angle’s pure – a cunning ploy
To keep you reading.  It’s a joy
To ramble on but ‘fore you stray
Please listen to the words I say:

A new app’s here – it’s in the store!
I know you’ve heard this all before
But not like this.  (Well, not in rhyme!)
Now listen while you’ve got the time.
For Profiteer’s the game in mind
And in the Play Store’s where you’ll find
This little gem.  This fresh new toy
(Well, not a toy… A game of joy!)
To make you think and make you smile
You’ll see I’ve gone that extra mile
Straight off you’ll hear the background tune
That’s just the first – you’ll hear more soon!

The graphic style is quite unique
To draw you in is what we seek
To do and now it is my guess
You’ll want to play, so time to press
“Tutorial” – a way to learn
A way to show you how to earn
The skills you’ll need to beat the rest
(You’re not alone – I bet you guessed!)

But stop right there and hear my tale
Some background info to regale!
I’ve worked on many games before
But rhyming them is quite a chore.
So this is where I take a break
A quick game list I need to make…

Cut the Rope Experiments (BB10)
Cut the Rope (BB10)
Fairway Solitaire (WP8/Surface RT)
Gun Bros (WP7)
Contract Killer (WP7)
The Biggest Loser (DS)
My Little Pony (DS)
New International Track and Field (DS)
You Don’t Know Jack (DS)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (GBA)

And over thirty others across many platforms!

I took a break from contracting,
A break to work on my own thing.
To make a game that I could play
With my own kids.  They had a say
In every aspect of design.
The game is theirs’ as much as mine!

The idea’s simple at its core
A trading game but there’s much more
To this than in the standard fare.
It’s set amongst the planets where
You fly a space truck to and fro
To trade in goods you have to go
To markets in the galaxy.
You’ll check supply rates then you’ll see
Where profits lie.  If all goes well
You’ll buy your goods and then you’ll sell
To purchase fuel.  Upgrade your truck.
Rely on skill or try your luck
At gambling on planet Vlern
(A dodgy planet you’ll soon learn).
Or you might travel to Flurbsprime
Discuss fuel rates if you’ve the time.
And check the news – see what’s in store.
Spare pirates? Worm holes? Meteors?
The other truckers plot and scheme
For some are wily; some are mean
And sabotage could be their aim
To throw you right out of the game!
When you do well your goal could be
To buy more trucks – one, two or three.

There’s so much more that I could say
But now I think it’s time to play.
The poem’s done but please don’t cheer
Sit down and play some Profiteer!

Download it from the Google Play store now
Profiteer Lite

A fully playable game with no ads or in-app purchases. Totally free and perfect for sampling the delights of playing Profiteer.  Allows a complete ten turn game experience.

Profiteer (£1.29 GBP / $2.19 USD)

No ads, no in-app purchases, just pure addictive playability! Extra features include being able to purchase a variety of different Space Trucks, the addition of extra weird, whacky and extremely useful truck upgrades and games that continue for as long as you want.

5 thoughts on “An Ode to Profiteer”

  1. Talk about multi talented – a poet AND a game developer!
    Looking forward to hearing a rap version of ‘Ode to Profiteer’ 🙂

  2. Mind blown! Brain matter and pixels…EVERYWHERE! It’s like Fragile Allegiance only 20 years later 🙂 You need to get an iOS version out ASAP.

    I hate androids, would burn them all with fire 😀

  3. Wow!

    Very synchronistic! I had a game called Profiteer that ran online from 2001 – 2007 at and as the developer I used my call sign ‘smudge’ as my own character in the game, and you have “Smudge’s Standard Junkbuster.” in your game.

    My profiteer was a space trading MMORPG with over 50,000 planets to explore and a playing area of 300 light years.

    Good luck with your game!

    1. That sounds like a truly epic game! Shame it’s not online any more as I’d love to have a look at it. You didn’t have Junkbusters flying around the galaxies by any chance? 🙂

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