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If you already know the basics of Profiteer, these hints and tips will help you towards becoming a master of the game!

Use the short cuts when you arrive at a planet
Sell everything by pressing and holding the market button. Some of the items might not make much profit or might even make a loss, but you’ll be able to judge whether to buy them back when you’re in the market. Press and hold the bank button to pay off any excess loan and to get all available Ching in your hand. Press and hold the garage button to fill your truck’s fuel tank.

Check the news reports before going to the market
You can get useful information from all four sections – financial, local, galactic and weird. It’s the galactic news that you really need to examine though. This will let you know which planets you might need to avoid.

Learn about the AI truckers
On the financial screen in the news room you can touch and hold any of the trucker pictures to find information about their backgrounds. While this might not be of any real use, it’s quite entertaining and will give you insights as to why some truckers do better than others.

Choose your purchases from the supply screen
A good profiteer is more likely to choose their purchases using the supply screen than from the market screen!

Find out more about the items you can buy
If you touch and hold an item in the market, you’ll find out exactly what that item is or does. This won’t help you in any useful way but it might make you smile.

Choose your destination from the supply screen
It’s easy to forget which planet you had in mind when you bought your goods. Selecting the planet from the supply screen prevents this from happening.

Use the short cuts when you're ready to leave a planet
Always press and hold the bank button before leaving a planet to pay back as much of your loan as possible and to deposit the rest of your Ching in the bank. You’ll pay less interest on your loan, earn more interest on your deposit and won’t risk having Ching on your truck for pirates to plunder.

Consider how far you're travelling
If other truckers beat you to a planet they are likely to purchase most, if not all, of the best priced items.

Learn about the planets
On the navigation screen, touching and holding a planet will reveal lots of information about it including any special events that might happen there.

Use the unique planet events to your advantage
Haphaestus sometimes offers discounts when purchasing trucks. Traporxeo sometimes offers similar discounts on the prices of upgrades. Most planets have unique events that you can turn to your own advantage.

Upgrade your truck
There are several types of upgrades to choose from at the garage. Each one is very useful in its own right.

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