Cliff is one of those programmers that pretty much manages the project himself. He sticks to his estimates and always delivers quality results. Such attributes are rare and very desirable in this industry. I’ve worked with him on several projects and would recommend him to anyone looking for a senior developer. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a really nice guy too!

David Bachowski, Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Cliff for a mobile (rush) project. Although we worked together for a very short time, Cliff managed to get a descent prototype working based on very little information.

Maurice Sibrandi, CTO and Co-founder

I really enjoy working with Cliff. He communicates his ideas incredibly well, which is very crucial for in our projects. His passion for programming really shows in the work that he does, and his experience makes him one of the most knowledgable developers I know. His sense of humour is refreshing, and his charming attitude make him an absolute pleasure to work with.

The quality of his work is incredibly high, and I have learnt a great deal from him in that regard. He’s an exceptionally quick learner, able to adapt and understand unfamiliar code and software in no time at all. I would recommend Cliff for any job as I know he would excel, and deliver exceptionally.

Ahmed Zaman, Software Development Engineer

Cliff is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a excellent communicator and a dedicated, conscientious worker. His professional approach and sunny demeanor are ever-present, even under pressure. I highly recommend!

Katy Lloyd, Freelance digital artist and animator

I have had the pleasure of working with Cliff on several projects over several companies. Every time I have worked with him I have found his work to be second to none. He is always willing to help out and is a useful member of the team. Cliff’s knowledge of systems and languages means he can is always able to think outside the box to provide solutions to any problem.

I would highly recommend Cliff and look forward to working with him in the future.

Adrian Brown, Contract Programmer

I have worked with Cliff on two Android projects in the past and would jump at the chance to work along side him again. He is a hard-working programmer who will always see a project or milestone through to the end and never stopping giving 100% to the project at hand.

From a programmers perspective his coding practises are modern, clean, commented and a pleasure to work with. Great knowledge of the latest platform SDK’s, 3rd party libraries and various languages.

Stuart Farnaby, Entrepreneur/Programmer

For IndieCity we commissioned Cliff to create our download client. This was a challenging task since we knew that we didn’t have all of the answers up front and would be chopping and changing features requirements as we learned more about how the site and systems would actually work.

Cliff fully accepted this approach (even though we had no firm detailed design) in addition to the fact that we wanted him to use some new web-based technologies for it.

Throughout development Cliff has been an absolute pleasure to work with: open to new ideas, suggesting his own, highlighting possible problems, and iterating on aspects that needed repeated refining. He also worked closely and got on well with each of the IndieCity team members.

Always professional, and with a great sense of humour it’s been a pleasure working with Cliff and I’m sorry that the job had to end!

Chris Swan, Project Lead

If I were making a film about a badass programmer who saves the world, I’d cast Cliff as the protagonist.

It’s rarely ideal to have a teammate who is located on another continent and 6 hours behind. When we worked together, I was in the US and Cliff was in the UK. This disadvantage can be difficult, but even years later Cliff still stands out in my mind as an excellent colleague who I’d want on my team.

Cliff was always in communication via Skype, email, and phone. He was quick to understand the US team’s designs and requests. His positive attitude and sense of humor helped the team through crisis times on our projects. Cliff truly made the best of a rather challenging work arrangement, and I’m proud of the work we did together at Webfoot.

Mandi Grant, Lead Artist

Cliff and I have worked together on several projects, and I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with him again. Cliff consistently delivered, not only completing what was asked for from the game design, but working with the rest of the team to find ways to improve everything, from design and game play implementation, to creative tools and processes designed to make artists and designers more empowered. He always seems to be looking for ways to go beyond expectations, and he does so with creativity and great communication. He was always open for ideas, collaboration and alternate solutions to problems and processes, and this makes working with Cliff a fun, productive and rewarding experience.

Brian Babendererde, Freelance Game Design and Art

Cliff Davies of RokSoft worked as a subcontractor during 2003 for Wide Games Ltd on the Xbox to PC port of ‘State of Emergency’ for VIS Interactive.

He was a key member of the team and was always pleased to assist in any way to get the project completed on time. The quality of code written was excellent and this was key in achieving our goal of a quality port in a satisfactory timeframe.

We would highly recommend Cliff to any future employers or development companies looking for a reliable and competent subcontractor.

Neil Soane, Project Manager

I’ve known Cliff for quite a few years and have had the pleasure to work with him on several projects. Being a very approachable and professional team member, he is always willing to help others with his knowledge and experience gathered over his game development career. I would recommend Cliff as an asset to any development team or project.

Duncan Chambers, Lead Game Programmer

Cliff was the kind of programmer a designer dreams of. The value of his communication skills can’t be understated, and he catches on quickly to a designer’s intentions.

Jennifer Hoffman, Contract Artist and Designer

Cliff is not just a good and responsible programmer with plenty of experience, but also one of the nicest persons I’ve deal with in my entire career. You cant go wrong with him!

Cristian Soulos, Programmer / Game Designer / Team Leader

Cliff is a top-notch programmer who always gets the job done. His skill level at NDS programming is extremely advanced. In addition to lead programming, he also knows how to design and code tools that help the job get done faster, including tools such as level and sprite editors. We have worked with him on many projects over the years and look forward to many more projects in the future.

Dana Dominiak, Director

I’ve worked with Cliff on many a Nintendo DS game, and he is truly one of the finest programmers you could ask for.

Everyone knows that communication is key to making a good game, and Cliff excels at making sure everyone has the information they need when the only methods of communication we had was Skype and email. He goes the extra mile to make to make himself a team player even when not physically in the office.

Cliff has a great understanding of the needs of other team members, and he always does his best to help out the designers and artists with whatever they need by coding new and better development tools to make work easier for the rest of us.

Being in different time zones, I would routinely find Cliff’s work done and ready to test before I had gotten the chance to finish my morning tea. He works very efficiently and always has his work done on time and done well.

Cliff is an amazing programmer to have on your team, and it’s no wonder I refer to him as “my favorite programmer” all the time. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Andrea Borchardt, Lead Game Designer and Artist

We had the pleasure of working with RokSoft on our most recent GameBoy Advance title, DragonBall Z: Taiketsu. We hired RokSoft to complete the two player networking required for Taiketsu. We were so impressed with the skill of its principal, Cliff Davies, that we added the overwhelming task of programming the AI for the DragonBall Z fighters. Cliff not only accomplished what was asked, he managed it on a tight, completely unbelievable schedule. He is a talented programmer and someone we expect to be working with on many games in the future.

Cliff’s willingness to do whatever it took to get a quality game done in the timeframe required is a trait much appreciated from an outside contractor. His always positive attitude and calm demeanor was simply an added bonus to us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.”

Debra Osborn, COO/General Counsel

In my time working with Cliff I found him to be an extremely capable programmer, who was always open to new ideas and suggestions and was able to implement them quickly, efficiently and accurately. He was also able to work equally well as an individual on a project or as a team member on larger projects. As important as his professional skills are his personal and communication skills which are both also first class. He was always ready to help other members of the team if they needed it and was always ready and willing to communicate with clients on a day-to-day basis, keeping them abreast of product development. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cliff.

Francis Lillie, Senior Programmer

I worked with Cliff on a project that was extremely technical, Cliff’s knowledge and skill were paramount to the project being finished on time and ultimately gaining great reviews. I’d strongly recommend Cliff to anyone, as he was one of the gems in the UK industry.

Stewart Gilray, Producer

Cliff worked for us as lead programmer on Star X, quickly proving himself to be a first rate programmer and a very good programming lead. He did a fantastic job on the game – and we are very happy with the end product.

He was a loyal and conscientious member of the team, always willing to put the extra time and effort in to improve the game. Cliff was based at home which worked very well for both Cliff and ourselves, we never encountered any problems with this arrangement.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cliff – you will find him an asset to your company. We would definitely re-employ Cliff and I would be happy to provide any details regarding Cliff as required.

Richard Whittall, Creative Director

I’ve worked with Cliff during his time here at Runecraft and have found him to be a dedicated and capable programmer. He’s worked on multiple platforms during his time here and has shown a keen willingness to acquire more knowledge and experience. Working from home, Cliff has shown good initiative and drive, skills that are equally at home in an office environment.

Dave Lee, Development Manager

Cliff Davies was employed by us as a programmer from April 1998 until October 2000.

During that time we found Cliff to be a very strong member of our team. He was personable, hard-working and an efficient employee with good organisational skills. He had no trouble meeting the deadlines that were set for him, and he worked well in a team. Regarding his technical expertise, we found him to have strong all round programming abilities using C, C++ and assembly language coupled with a very strong maths background. Whilst employed by us, Cliff worked on multiple platforms such as PC, PSX and PS2.

It is to be noted that since Cliff left the company, we still keep in touch with him and would certainly re-employ again. If you need to know any further details regarding Cliff, please feel free to contact me.

John Flynn, Studio Manager

My abiding memory of working with Cliff is his can-do attitude and the sea of smiles every time you’re in his orbit. Cliff has to be one of the most level-headed, dependable senior programmers I’ve worked with. Laid-back and top-tier with it, Cliff reminds me of the best classic games: a rare combination of cutting edge features and pick-up-and-play ease.
Rent or buy him today!

Barry Meade, Senior Designer

I had a great experience working with Cliff. He was sent over from the UK to help us out on a project with some math optimizations for the PS1. He got our floating point engine working and running in fixed point for the PS1 in a matter of weeks. This was not a trivial task. I was very impressed with Cliff’s knowledge, his work ethic and his general attitude towards the problems at hand. I would highly recommend Cliff, he is an industry veteran with tons of experience and an asset to whoever gets to work with him.

Paul Blagay, Senior / Lead Programmer

I would recommend Cliff Davies to any company / employer, Cliff was always professional, personable and reliable, along with great talent and problem solving abilities.

Stephanie Bagley, Senior Administrator / Administrator

I can’t think of a friendlier, more reliable and talented bloke to work with. Speaking as an art director with technical knowledge, Cliff works well with, and compliments, all of the disciplines extremely well: programming, design and art alike. Highly recommended.

Michael Muskett, Art Director

I worked with Cliff at Acclaim and on many projects since then. He’s honest, hard working, conscientious – basically all the things you look for when you need stuff doing right. He delivers on time, and to very high quality and isn’t afraid of a challenge! Can’t recommend him enough!

Neil Holmes, Senior Programmer

It’s been a good while since i worked with Cliff, but that hasn’t faded my impression of him. My thought when i remember him are of a really lovely guy who had a very personable way about him. he was studious, intelligent and hard working.

i remember a project that looked very promising, Cliff was leading the charge on it (sole programmer) the title was called Ferox if i remember correctly. i felt at the time it would be a big title for Hookstone, but unfortunately the company went under before it could be shown to potential clients. During a pretty rough time at that studio Cliff kept a very positive attitude, showing all of the character traits i look for in team members nowadays. If i was hiring at the minute i wouldn’t be writing this recommendation, i’d be talking to Cliff about joining me.

If you get the chance to work with Cliff i’m sure you will be enriched by the experience. he’s one of the good guys.

Should anyone wish to talk to me directly about Cliff, please drop me a mail and i’ll send back my mobile number.

Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall, Managing Director

Mr Davies was first employee at Hookstone.

He got the job because he’s smart, especially Maths. And he knew C++ (this was 1994).
He began by working his way around primitive development systems, deciphering 2nd generation pre-release console manuals, then quickly delivering a good game.
Later He built quality prototypes, coded a nice procedural texture generator, and ported a (bloated) PC game onto a rather limiting platform.
…nice bloke. …also, (dare-say) one of few to successfully breed optimized Pentium texture look-up code.

Jason McGann, Director

Cliff’s one of the good guys… driven, knowledgeable, reliable, with an obvious enduring passion for his industry.

You’d hate him if he wasn’t such a thoroughly nice chap.

Ian James Bowden, Art Director

Cliff has worked for Hookstone since March 1995 and during his employment with us, has shown himself to be a good and conscientious worker.

Whilst possessing all round programming skills, in particular Saturn and PC, and having proficient mathematical abilities, Cliff has also shown himself to be a good 3D programmer who is capable of being left to work on his own initiative or as part of a team.

Peter Tattersall, Director