During his career to date, Cliff Davies has worked on many different platforms including PC (Windows 8, 7 and XP), Android devices, Blackberry devicesWindows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7Java ME mobile phones, Nintendo DSi/DS, Sony PS2, Sony PSX, Nintendo GBA, Sega DreamCast, Nintendo GBC, Sega Saturn and Custom Designed Hardware (in addition to older 8-bit platforms including Commodore 64, Acorn BBC and Apple II). He has proven himself to be highly adept at learning new technologies and adapting to new platforms with ease.

Different applications and games have required different high and low level computer languages. He is extremely proficient in many high level languages including C++, C, C#, Java (SE, ME), VB.NET, Action Script, Flex and Lua. He also has a lot of experience with programming in much lower level languages such as ARM7TDMI, MIPS R3000, 80×86, Z80, 68000 and 6502.

He is familiar with using Visual Studio 2011 for C++, C# and VB.NET (in addition to previous editions), Eclipse for Java/Android development, CodeWarrior for C++ development on consoles, FlashDevelop for working with Flex and Action Script and Macromedia MX for working with Flash and Action Script. For general scripting languages he tends to use PSPad editor.

He has developed cross platform products using Nokia Qt and Cocos2d-x, graphically intensive products using XNA and OpenGL ES, browser based applications using WebKit, bit torrent interactive programs using LibTorrent, database interaction using SQLite, server communications using JSON and SOAP in addition to OAuth systems for identification/security and various C++ frameworks including STL.

Different clients implement differing source control systems and, to facilitate this, Cliff Davies is comfortable using SVN, CVS, Git and VSS to synchronise and back up his work with clients.